Sign Language?

Q: What language does a billboard speak?billboard
A: Sign language!

Explanation: A billboard is one of those really big advertisements found along roads and on top of buildings; a billboard is a type of sign.  This joke plays on the word “sign” which can mean a public, printed announcement that is usually large (like a street sign, a stop sign, a road sign, the name of a store on its facade, …) or it can be the first part of “sign language.”  Sign language is a language used by hearing impaired people to communicate.  So a billboard (a sign) speaks sign language because it is a sign!

As you work on learning English or learning jokes take some time to learn sign language!

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2 Responses to Sign Language?

  1. tree says:

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Aaron who!
    Aaron on the side of caution!
    i don’t get it

  2. trees says:

    why ddi the jelly jump?
    because the milk shake
    i don’t get it

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