7 8 9

Q: Why was 6 afraid of  7?7

A: Because 7, 8, 9!

Explanation:  If you read the numbers is sounds like seven-eight (ate)-nine.  And if I were 6, I, too, would be afraid of seven if it is eating other numbers, such as nine!  Seven ate the nine!

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Reader, writer, teacher, thinker and dreamer. Lector, escritor, profesor, pensador y soñador. I teach in Lima, Peru. Enseño en Lima, Peru.
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8 Responses to 7 8 9

  1. wayne says:

    7 8 9 its becuse 8 sounds like ate os its like 7 (8) 9 the 8 sounds like ATE ate sounds like 8

  2. Os says:

    It’s why windows 9 and iPhone 9 was skipped

  3. megagpu says:

    Whoever looked this up, know ur not alone buddy!!

  4. daniyal says:


  5. Animal Lover says:

    That’s a funny joke!

  6. Craig eats english says:

    it is

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