Tardy Candy

Q: What kind of candy is never on time?
A: Chocolate!

Explanation: Candy!  That sweet treat, usually made with lots of sugar.  Chocolate is one type of candy.  The last part of the word “chocolate” is “late.”  If you are late, you are not on time.  This joke is funny because it plays with just a part of the word chocolate, the late part.

About being late: Someone once told me, “If you are not 15 minutes early, you are late.”  That is good advice in the United States.  In Chile, I once went to a party two hours late and I was the first one there!

By the way, I love chocolate!  Especially chocolate from La Iberica in Arequipa, Peru.

A quick note about pronunciation- Here in Minnesota, the word “chocolate” sounds more like “choco-lit.”  And if that is the case, the joke isn’t too funny… until you see it.

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Reader, writer, teacher, thinker and dreamer. Lector, escritor, profesor, pensador y soñador. I teach in Lima, Peru. Enseño en Lima, Peru.
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