Pop Feelings

Q: Why did the can crusher quit his job?
A: Because it was soda pressing!

Explanation: A can of pop, a can of Coke, a can of soda… all are pretty much the same thing.  Before you recycle the can, though, you should crush it– crush the can, that means to use pressure to change the can from big to little as in the picture.  There are machines that can crush a can (called a can crusher) and the person who crushes the can is also called a can crusher).  If you press a can of soda (pop) I could say that you are “soda pressing.”  It would be an unusual thing to say but I could say it.

The words “soda pressing” sound like “so depressing” and that is what makes this joke funny.  If a job is too depressing then someone might quit that job.

Depression is not funny.  If you are someone you know is depressed please find help.

See this video to see how aluminum is recycled:

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