A Pirate’s Life

Q: What is a pirate’s favorite letter?
A:  You might think it’d be R but ’tis the C they love!

Explanation: Pirates are known for saying “Arrrr.” But it is really the Sea (C) they love.

Of course they love the sea (pronounced the same as C ), the ocean.  It’s where they sail their ships: upon the ocean.

This joke plays with the traditional answer to this joke (R or arrgh) and adds a new idea.

Here are some singing pirates for kids…


And here is a Jimmy Buffet song about pirates for adults:


Thank you to adakkusu-san!

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2 Responses to A Pirate’s Life

  1. adakkusu-san says:

    Ohh, I get it now!! Thanks! I couldn’t find an explanation anywhere I searched.
    (also, you were pretty fast in writing about this too)

  2. gideon says:

    thay sometimes like the letter R, but realy love the letter C 🙂

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