Run, Run as Fast as You Can

Q: What does the gingerbread boy put on his bed?
A: Cookie sheets!3-gingerbread-man-cookies

Explanation: A gingerbread boy is a type of cookie that is made out of gingerbread and cut in the shape of a person.  Many people in the United States bake gingerbread cookies during December and decorate them with frosting.

Sheets are used to cover a mattress before you lie down on it.

Cookie sheets are flat pieces of metal that are used to bake cookies.  When you put the cookie dough on the cookie sheet you can put it into the oven.

This joke is funny because it plays with the word ‘sheet;’ there are sheets that you put on a bed and cookie sheets that are used for baking.

If you would like to make your own gingerbread cookies you can watch this video.  (If you go to the video on YouTube you will see the recipe.)

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  1. trevorhay625 says:

    what does this pun mean?
    a bee c

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