Finally Found

Q: Why do you always find something in the last place you look?
A: Because when you find it, you stop looking!

Explanation: Perhaps this is more of a logic puzzle than a joke–but it is true!  Often times we search long and hard for a missing thing and then find it in the last place we look.  Is there a psychological reason it took us so long to find something?  I do not know the answer to that.  I do know that this joke makes me laugh.

This joke is funny because it creates an expectation for an answer that relates to the way we think.  The joke does not fulfill the expectation but gives us a bit of logic.  Who would keep searching for something after you have found it?  Not me.

Do you know the books Where’s Waldo?  If you want to try looking for Waldo, you can click on the this link, or watch this video:

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