A Can of Corn

Q: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?
A: Where is pop corn?

Explanation: There are many types of families.  Some families, like the one in this joke, are made of a mom, dad, and baby.  Mom can be called mama; dad can be called pop.

Corn, of course, does not have a family, but there are many types of corn.  One type of corn is popcorn.  Popcorn is a type of corn that, when heated, explodes into a white, fluffy piece that you can eat.

This joke is funny because it plays with the word pop: a type of corn and a name for dad.

Do you like to eat popcorn?  I do.  I especially like to make popcorn on the stove with my stove-top popper.  Then I add just a touch of salt.  I find that my stove-top popcorn is better than microwave popcorn.  Here is a kernel of popcorn exploding in slow motion (it’s pretty amazing!).

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Reader, writer, teacher, thinker and dreamer. Lector, escritor, profesor, pensador y soñador. I teach in Lima, Peru. Enseño en Lima, Peru.
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