Elephant Feathers

Q: How do you get down from an elephant?
A: You don’t get down from an elephant, you get down from a duck!

Explanation: Yes–another duck joke!

In some places in the world, people ride on elephants, sort of like riding on horses.  Because elephants are so big, you might wonder, how do you get up onto the elephant and, once you are on the elephant, how do you get down?  Good question!  I have never ridden on an elephant.

Down is also the word for the very soft feathers under the harder, outer feathers on a duck or a goose.  You might have heard of eider down; you can read more about it here.

This joke is funny because it plays with the word down: the opposite of up and the soft, inner feathers of a duck.

To learn more about elephants, watch this:

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