Bee Amazing!

Q: What creature is smarter than a talking parrot?
A: A spelling bee!

Explanation: And we’re back!

Perhaps you have seen or heard parrots that talk.  Well, they actually mimic (copy) the sounds that they hear.  It is quite amazing.  In English the typical phrase that a talking parrot says is, “Polly want a cracker.”

A spelling bee is a competition to see who is the best speller, that is, the one who spells the most difficult words.  A spelling bee has nothing to do with a bee, the insect that makes honey.

This joke is funny because it plays with the idea of smart animals and then plays again with two meanings of the word bee: an insect and a spelling competition. By the way, there are other types of bees such as a quilting bee which is a gathering of people who make quilts.

Thanks for the joke, Pete!

If you want to see a movie about a spelling bee, I highly recommend this one:

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