My Main Squeeze

Q: How did the orange get into the crowded restaurant?
A: He squeezed his way in!

Explanation: As COVID cases wane, more and more people are heading out to restaurants.  In the case of this joke, even the orange goes into a restaurant.

If a restaurant is crowded, that means that there are many, many people and, most likely, no empty tables.  To fit into a crowded space you may need to squeeze yourself into that space.  Think of trying to squeeze one more person into a full elevator, or trying to squeeze a pillow into a full suitcase.  Yes, to squeeze into is an idiom meaning that you add more to a crowded space.  When planning, you can squeeze another appointment into a crowded calendar.

Squeezing something also means that you press it together, most often with your fingers or your hand.  In order to make orange juice, you have to squeeze the orange until the juice comes out.

This joke is funny because it plays with the meanings of squeeze: adding something to a crowded space, or pressing something together.  I hope that orange didn’t get too squeezed in that restaurant or all its juice would come out! By the way, being someone’s main squeeze means being their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Being pushy can be annoying to other people.  Speaking of annoying, here is an annoying orange–

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