Copy That

Q: What is the difference between a cat that got xeroxed and a cat that imitates its owner?
A: One is a cat copy and the other is a copycat!

Explanation: Sometimes in English, brand names become verbs or nouns.  For most people, all facial tissue is Kleenex, all internet searches are Googling, and all bandages are Band-Aids.  (The term for this is anthimeria.)  So, when you xerox something, you make a copy, a photocopy, because Xerox is a brand name of copiers.

A copycat is a person who copies what you do. The word is used most frequently by children.  You may also hear the phrase copycat crime for a criminal who imitates another criminal.

This joke is funny because it plays with the words copy and cat.  I love cats but I don’t think I want a copy of one.  It would be fun, though, if a cat copied what I did!

Here are some cats acting like humans-

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