That’s Rich!

Q: Why did the farmer bury all his money?
A: To make the soil rich!

Explanation: In the northern hemisphere, spring is right around the corner, and that means planting season.  Farmers want to have really good soil (dirt) to plant their seeds.  The seeds will sprout and grow in good, rich soil much better than in poor soil, soil that lacks the necessary nutrients to feed the seeds/plants.  Rich soil means good dirt for the growing of plants and trees.

When people have a lot of money, we say that they are rich.  Now, there are a lot of ways that people can be rich: rich in happiness, rich in love, rich in friendships…  However, the main meaning of rich is rich with money.

This joke is funny because it plays with the ideas of rich (lots of money), and rich soil.  By the way, burying your money in the dirt will not make your soil rich; it will just destroy your money.  If you have extra money, there are many wonderful charities that work to make the world a better place; they would be happy to partner with you to make the world a bit better.

If you have a space for gardening, here are a few tips to make your soil great, and it’s not by burying money.

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  1. trevorhay625 says:

    how do you greet a wolf?
    howl are you

    explain joke please

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