February Cannot

Q: Can February March?
A: No, but April May!

Explanation: Happy Groundhog’s Day! Or Groundhog Day?  Hmmm…

The above joke plays with the months and the double meaning of some of the words.

To march” means to walk with a regular pace or to walk in an organized way; think of soldiers marching or people marching in a parade or a protest.  Can February March?  No, it is a month and it cannot walk. March is also a month (and there are two of the meanings of March).

May, in addition to being a month, is an auxiliary verb similar to ‘can’ or ‘might.’  In this joke February cannot march but April might be able to march.  It only makes sense if you understand the multiple meanings of March and May.

But it is February and here is a quick-talking explanation of Groundhog Day:


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  1. what is Groundhog Day?

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