A Bigger, Better Year

Q: If Mr. and Mrs. Bigger had a baby, who would be the biggest of all three of them?
A: The baby because the baby is a little Bigger!

Explanation: Happy New Year! A baby joke for the new year seemed appropriate.

If something is a little bigger than something else, that means it is larger. For example, I might say that, typically, a grapefruit is a little bigger than an orange.  Sometimes they are a lot bigger.

If a person’s last name is Bigger, well, the whole thing gets more complicated.  In this case, the baby is referred to as the little one, or the little Bigger, who is actually smaller because of being a baby.

This joke is funny because the little Bigger (the baby) cannot be a little bigger (larger) than the parents.  May your new year be a little better than the past year. (I was going to say bigger, but that wouldn’t make sense.)

Let’s take a look in the opposite direction of bigger: Tiny Houses!

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