Book ’em, Danno

Q: How do you keep a bagel from getting away?
A: Put lox on it!

Explanation: Bagels are a type of bread that look like a donut.  They are round and have a hole in the middle, but they are not sweet.  To eat a bagel, you usually cut it in half and put something on it like cream cheese.

Another item you might put on your bagel is lox.  Lox is salmon that has been preserved by using brine.  The word lox sounds like the word locks.  A lock is used to close something securely, like putting a lock and chain on your bike so that no one steals it, or locking the door to your apartment.

This joke is funny because it plays with the word lox/locks, which sound the same. (The title of this post comes from Hawaii 5-0 when McGarret told his partner to arrest someone by saying, “Book ’em, Danno.”

Here is a video about how bagels are made.  Try narrating the video

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