Is it legal?

Q: Can you keep a sick, bald bird in your house?
A: No, that’s ill-eagle!

Explanation: Many of us are staying home so that the world can flatten the coronavirus curve.  With that in mind, I offer you an eagle joke and a live eagle cam so you can virtually leave the house.

The eagles in the live-cam video below are called bald eagles because the adults have white feathers on their heads.  From far away it appears that they are bald.  People who are bald have no hair on their heads.  Bald eagles are the only well known birds that have the word ‘bald’ in their name (maybe the only one).

Ill means the same thing as sick.  So, a sick, bald bird is a sick eagle, or an ill eagle.  Illegal means not legal, something that is against the law.

This joke is funny because ill eagle sounds like illegal. And it is illegal to have an ill eagle.

Here are some healthy, live bald eagles from the Minnesota Eagle Cam:

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    what does a house wear?

    please explain

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