Uncomfortably Close

Q: What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that gets right up in your face?
A: Too close for comfort food!

Explanation: Comfort food is food that makes you feel good, perhaps by reminding you of a special time, place, or person.  Comfort food is usually high in calories like macaroni and cheese, or lasagna.

“Too close for comfort” is an idiom that can mean that someone or something is really too close to you, very near to you like the car that almost hit you, or the dog barking at your feet.  It can also be more figurative, such as when someone says, “That conversation about coronavirus is a little too close to home.”  In that example, someone who is worried about the virus might not want to have to talk about it; the topic is too close to home.

This joke is funny because it combines “too close for comfort” with “comfort food.”

Here is how to make one of my favorite comfort foods (thanks mom and grandma), grilled cheese sandwich-

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